General Comment No. 7

Indicator Set 11: Access to and Use of Health Services

Referring in general to CRC article 24 and General Comment No. 7 (para 27), this indicator addresses:

  • The right to the best possible health care (CRC article 24)
  • The obligation to ensure non-discrimination (article 2)
  • Equality of access to health care (GC7 para. 6), such as provision of services for children in institutions, children who do not speak the official language of a country, both girls and boys, and children with disabilities

This indicator is developed to help collect data on, and reduce child mortality in, both the general population and marginalised groups of young children. Like some other rights, the fulfillment of this right (that is, the equal delivery of health services to children) promotes the realisation of some other fundamental rights, such as:

  • The right to life (CRC article 6 and GC7 para. 10)
  • Protection from violence (CRC article 19 and GC7 para. 36a)
  • Access to education (CRC articles 28